We like being a small business and we want it to stay this way and so do our clients, this means we are only able to work with a limited number of people and businesses. We provide a personalised, meaningful & profitable service to our valued clients, helping them to grow & protect their assets in a risk managed way. As a prospective client, you will have attained a certain level of wealth & income enabling you to fund your tax efficient-diversified portfolio, this being a prerequisite to achieving your financial goals.

We only undertake expert 360 financial planning for our clients who have funds under servicing with us, i.e., we won’t undertake transactional business like mortgages for non-clients, for example; Please only make an enquiry if you are a higher / additional rate tax-payer and / or if you have over £400k+ of investable assets (e.g. pensions and investments) that you would like serviced by a professional financial expert. Thank you.


    Making a Complaint

    If you are unhappy with our service

    If you have a complaint about your adviser, or any financial advice you have received from your adviser, please contact us:

    Quilter Financial Planning Complaints Department

    Riverside House

    The Waterfront

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    NE15 8NY

    Email: qfpcomplaints@quilter.com

    Tel: 0191 241 0700

    You can find more information by visiting the Quilter Financial Planning Limited website. https://www.quilterfinancialplanning.co.uk

    If you cannot settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk)

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