Personal Tax Planning

Personal Tax planning involves using various legal strategies to lower the amount of inheritance, capital gains and also income tax paid.

Areas that may be able to benefit from a tax bill reduction include your income, savings, shares, investments and also property income.

By reducing the amount of tax you have to pay you will have more of your hard earned money to save or spend, depending on your wishes: This is obviously a better option for most people, and hence is the reason many people ask for help with personal tax planning, as part of their broader financial plan.

Old Bray Financial Ltd differ from a typical financial advisory firm in that we provide a capped fee for our services and are able to advice across legals, financial planning and tax in conjunction with our key partners. Putting together an estate plan can help with managing inheritance tax, probate, legacy & bloodline planning, divorce, marriage after death and reducing the cost of care home fees. As with all financial planning most areas of financial advice overlap, so speaking to a financial adviser who can join up the dots, is preferable in terms of, getting the planning correct and also saving money on fees. Old Bray Financial only deals with financial advice and any other advice is by referral only.

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