Estate Planning, including Trusts and Tax Planning are not part of the Quilter Financial Planning offering. Quilter Financial Planning accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. This service is by referral only.

Trust Planning

A Trust is simply a legal document that ring-fences assets. This can protect your estate against, care, marriage after death, generational inheritance tax, bankruptcy and creditors. Trusts also enable Trustees to control how assets are distributed or more likely, loaned to beneficiaries, amongst other things.

Beneficiaries are likely to receive more of what you worked hard to earn in your lifetime. A trust, also has the added benefit of protecting assets, from divorce. So if you have passed assets on to your adult children via trusts and one of them then gets divorced, the ex-spouse would not benefit from those assets that were in trust.

Assets within trust can be invested and therefore continue to grow. Those assets would simply be subject to different tax treatment.

Setting up trusts is likely to be beneficial, however, it does involve upfront costs to get the planning in place. It is fact however that these costs can be dwarfed by the benefits that the Trust planning provides to your Estate and to future generations.

Old Bray Financial Ltd differs from a typical financial advisory firm. We provide a capped fee for our services and advice across legal, financial planning and tax in conjunction with our key partners. Putting together an estate plan can help with managing inheritance tax, probate, legacy & bloodline planning, divorce, marriage after death and reducing the cost of care home fees. Old Bray Financial only deals with financial advice and any other advice is by referral only.

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