How We Work

With all our clients we undertake an extensive process to understand their needs. Whilst the process will differ slightly depending on the client’s needs, it will typically consist of the following:

Step 1: Initial contact and discussion

In the first instance, we will have an chat on the phone about your requirements for financial advice and if we can help you. We can then book a meeting to undertake a fact find.

Step 2: Understanding your situation (fact find meeting)

In the fact find meeting we will go through your financial circumstances and goals. We will also send out letter of information to your existing providers. This amounts to putting the pieces of a puzzle together to make a picture which tells a story. From this we will be able to explain top-level where we might be able to help you. We will also schedule in another meeting, as required.

Step 3: Review of your current arrangements

After the fact find meeting we will send you a meeting summary and next steps email which outlines what was discussed in our meeting and how we can begin / move forward with your financial planning journey. Once we have received the information back from your existing providers, we will be in a position to price up the most relevant pieces of work.

Step 4: Analysis of your situation

In the second meeting we will go through our findings and pricing for any proposed work, based on a thorough analysis of your situation. Once documentation has been signed we will move forward and start working on your financial plan,

Step 5: Recommendations

Once our compliance department have approved any work that we have done for you, we will arrange a recommendations meeting to present our solutions. When you have are happy with the proposed strategy, and you have signed it off, we will go ahead an implement any advice we have provided.

Step 6: Implementation

The implementation phase consists of working with the various providers in order to implement and align our recommendations.

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