Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is a policy that covers the costs of private medical treatment for the insured if they experience acute, non-chronic medical conditions – diseases, illnesses or injuries likely to respond quickly to treatment.   Only conditions diagnosed after the policy is taken out are typically covered.

While it is not a necessity (as the NHS provides comprehensive medical treatment to anyone who needs it) the main benefits of private medical insurance are the wider range of treatments; fast, often immediate consultations where you may be able to choose the consultant and the date of your operation; and treatment in a private hospital.

Normally these benefits may be unaffordable, however with Private Medical Insurance, you pay a monthly sum to the insurer, who will pay out for your treatments, hospital care and surgery.

The earlier Private Medical Insurance is taken out the better for the policy holder. Although premiums cannot be guaranteed like with some other insurance products, if an illness occurs, you and your family will be looked after with the best possible treatment available.

We differ from other advisory firms in that we provide truly joined up financial advice, meaning that we understand what ‘financial planning’ comprises of, i.e. working with a quality financial adviser, accountant & possibly legal firm, depending on your requirements. We bring these threads together to join up the dots and ensure that nothing is missed from your business and personal financial plan.

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