ISAs, Bonds and Personal Portfolios


  • ISA’s provide a tax free method of either saving or investing, depending on whether a Cash ISA or Stocks & Shares ISA is chosen.
  • A common use of product is the Bed & ISA, which allows you to move existing stocks and shares into an ISA account in order to utilise annual CGT allowances.
  • ISAs are now commonly used to boost retirement income, due to limits on lifetime pension savings, as well as allowing investors to grow funds and withdraw funds in a tax efficient manner.
  • For the 2022/23 year a maximum of £20,000 can be put into ISA’s. The following year the same amount can be put in again if the ISA allowance remains constant at £20,000.

Offshore Bonds

  • Offshore bonds are essentially a tax efficient investment that provide a tax deferred income.
  • They are suitable for clients wanting flexibility, regular income and tax efficient growth. They can also be used to gift money to children in a tax efficient manner, whilst at university for example.
  • Offshore bonds are liquid; this means that you can withdraw the funds at any time without facing penalty.

Onshore Bonds

  • Onshore bonds are similar to offshore bonds, however they different tax rules and regulations. They pay 20% tax at source, whereas offshore bonds don’t.
  • They also help to reduce the amount of income tax paid by higher/additional rate tax payers.

Personal Portfolios

  • Personal Portfolios are beneficial when a client has used their annual product and personal allowances and still want to achieve a level of growth with excess available funds.
  • They are normally used as a location to store money until ISA’s can be topped up again, with added benefit of potential investment growth.
  • Personal Portfolios also provide access to a diversified range of investments, providing access to a wide range of funds and equities, ETF’s and investment/unit trusts.
  • These products can be contributed to whenever the policy holder wishes to, i.e. regular contributions are not a necessary.

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