Self-Employed Mortgages

Why do I need to speak to a specialist broker, just because I am self-employed?

If you were employed the last time you took out a mortgage, but, now you are self-employed and looking to re-mortgage or buy another property, you will need to seek the right mortgage advice..

Most banks are not geared up to deal with self-employed mortgage applicants, and more often than not, staff in a bank won’t understand your accounts, which can often give rise to a flat no.

If you are brave enough and decide to go the bank route, be aware that most banks don’t give advice and you will most likely only know the lending decision right at the end of the process.

What should you expect to pay?

For new clients, we charge an initial engagement fee of £250

For existing clients, we charge no engagement fee, i.e. £0

We also charge a small loan fee of £499, on application, but only if the value of the mortgage loan/(s) are less than or equal to £300,000. However, if we are doing more than one mortgage for a client, i.e. a Let-to-Buy scenario, and the cumulative value of the mortgages is greater than £300k, then we do not charge the small loan fee.

Before meeting with a prospective mortgage client we will qualify all mortgages over the phone.

For a small engagement fee, we will take the hassle out of applying for a mortgage or remortgage. This includes providing you with best options, advice and implementation, saving your precious time and money: so why go directly to your bank?

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