Investments are composed of the following:

  • Savings accounts – Every person or entity should keep a financial buffer of savings to cover unexpected expenditure.
  • Investments – Whether you are a business, individual or family, investing for growth or income or a mixture of the two, investments are a crucial part of accruing and protecting wealth for yours and your family’s future or saving for retirement.
  • ISAs – ISAs have become a key retirement planning tool, in conjunction with pensions, especially since the reduction in pension lifetime allowance.
  • Offshore Bonds – Offshore bonds are useful tools for inheritance tax planning, for clients wishing to take regular tax efficient income, for clients who wish to grow money in efficient tax environment and for those wanting to gift to money tax efficiently to children and grandchildren in a tax efficient way.
  • Onshore Bonds – Onshore bonds are useful for higher rate and additional rate tax payers who are looking to reduce the amount of tax they pay on income.
  • Personal Portfolios – Personal portfolios can be useful as a holding vehicle for those who have used their personal allowances, ISA, pension, Bond, etc. and are looking achieve growth, whilst earmarking funds for next years allowances.
  • School fees – The use of trusts to pay school fees has been going on for hundreds of years. This can, in some cases, reduce annual school fees by up to a half in some cases, depending on the structure used.

We differ from other advisory firms in that our advisers have extensive first hand experience of working in the primary and secondary markets within Tier 1 investment banks. Our advisers and staff hold qualifications such as, MSc in Financial Risk Management, Chartered Financial Planner status, PhD in Bond liquidity Risk, amongst others.

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