Pensions & Retirement Planning

The value of pensions and investments can fall as well as rise, you may get back less than you invested. Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstance and is subject to change.Advice on Auto-enrolment & Employee Benefits are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

 Pensions & Retirement Planning are composed of the following:

We differ from other advisory firms in that we provide truly joined up financial advice, meaning that we understand what ‘financial planning’ comprises of, i.e. working with a quality financial adviser, accountant & possibly legal firm, depending on your requirements. We bring these threads together to join up the dots and ensure that nothing is missed from your business and personal financial plan.

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Contractor Pensions

If you have a Limited company, you will need to think about making retirement provisions and of course corporation tax.

Director Pension Schemes

Essentially, they permit a small group of trustees appointed by the company to decide how to invest the funds...

Group Pension Schemes

A Group Pension Scheme is a scheme set up by the employer and run by a pension provider, the pension remains a contract...

Occupational Pensions

If you leave employment, you may not be able to continue contributing to your old work pension, in which case you may wish to consolidate your pensions into one well managed pension.

Pensions and Divorce

As part of a settlement, assets will need to be divided equitably, which can often require advice.

Personal Pensions

Even if you have a good company pension, having a suitable personal pension can be important, especially if you move jobs or are considering self-employment.

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